display regions in markers window one one row

coming from soundforge im a bit annoyed that regions are showed in the marker lists as two separate rows, one for start marker and one for end marker. in SF each region can be displayed as a single row -making it easier to get an overview.
is there a view to do this in wavelab9?


I don’t think so but this is one big advantage to use CD Track Splice markers (as I usually do) vs. start and end markers.

I’m not sure what you usually work on but for normal albums/CDs I stopped doing separate end and start markers long ago and always use the CD Track Splice markers in WaveLab which work great for many reasons.

thanks for reply. im using the “auto split” function to create the markers. is there a way to make cd track splace markers from there?

mainly im working with audio files containing lots of samples i want to slice up, export as separate files for importing into halion.

You can click on a marker in the markers tab and change it to nearly any style. See attachment.

A CD track splice marker essentially locks the end marker to the next start marker which I find easier to manage in nearly any situation. And it looks cleaner in the marker tab list.

thanks i tried that but when i convert “region start” the “cd track splice” at the end end up at the end of the file. and then when i set it right its still “the end marker at the start of my file” and vice versa.

guess ill just get used to having to separate entities for each region for now. maybe if PG reads this (!) an option will come in the future.

You can instruct the Auto split tool to create CD markers. Then you can use the CD tool window to see regions (“one per line”). This is normally used for CD Tracks, but this can be used for any other purpose.

thanks! ill try that