Display resizing bug with vertical display

hi there – I’m on a Mac laptop running OSX Catalina with an external display set up with the 90-degree rotation (e.g. vertical instead of horizontal).

All has been normal before, but starting with Dorico 3.5 (or with the switch to Catalina, which came near each other) I’ve had some issues with the main Dorico window not resizing correctly on my vertical display.

For example, when I select “Enter Full Screen” by ticking the green circle in the top-left corner of the Dorico window, I still can’t see the tool panels on the right (Command-9) in Engrave mode – and there’ll still be things hidden away on the right… My only recourse would be exit full screen view and re-size the window manually… which is also buggy as it doesn’t let me make it narrow enough.

This hasn’t been a problem until Dorico 3.5 and/or Catalina-- anyone else have something similar to report?

My external display is a Dell S2409W, rotated 90 degrees. Nothing fancy but has served me well until this point.

Cheers and thanks!

Are you able to provide a screenshot or two that show the appearance you’re ending up with?

Yep - I’ll email you privately. Thanks!