Display size and distance to work with comfort with c7


I wonder what is the best ratio between distance and display size to work comfortably with c7.

I always feel the need to move the screen closer.


Aloha g, and same here. (oldeye)

Re monitors: different strokes etc…

What I do know is; once you get two (or more) monitors,
the DAW game changes completely.

Workflo is greatly enhanced.

I’m up to three monitors but I still find myself moving them around every few weeks. Closer, then further away, stacked grouped you name it. But I feel my biggest problem is that I keep too much open and don’t have my main work area centered. It just plays right into my ADHD and I end up messin’ around with little tweaks and never get anything finished!

You could probably get it done with one nice sized quality monitor and make good use of Cubase’s workspaces and key commands to swap spaces. If you have a second monitor put it off to the side or out of the main view, use it for VSTi’ s or Channel EQ curves, things you only reference and make quick adjustments to.

Heck, I might give this a try… :open_mouth:

I used to have 3 monitors for many years (2x21"/1x19"). (Well, actually I had 7 monitors for Nuendo/Cubase/Nuendo…). I recently replaced all that stuff with 3x21/9 monitors right after C6 to C7 upgrade and I have to say it’s a visual revolution… 2x21/9 for Cubase, full screen mixer on right side. 21/9 is just the right size for our horizontal timeline and to display a large mixer imo. Everything’s easier and way more comfortable here now.

About the distance, I feared about the resolution like Rhino said. Distance is about 100cm and everything’s great.

These days you need a DAW to make music but I hate screens - music has to stay an aural experience for me I hate looking at the music on screen so to speak.

I have managed over the years to get my workflow down to a single 21" Samsung monitor that I have a short cut to blank out as much as possible.

By using a range of controllers and keyboard shortcuts I have minimized “screen time” which I personally detest.

My mixes and writing has never been better … although I imagine I’m virtually alone in my attitude to screens.

…I think you are. I’m contemplating a 39" 4k monitor for the extra screen space/resolution it allows. Probably will still use my 30" Dell off to the side…space allowing. My gripe is that Cubase still has its editor windows in-prisoned within the confines of the Project window (no “windows on top” option) - this limits flexibility of monitor placement.

Not so all alone, buddy :wink: I mean I don’t hate screens, just beware of, always. I use to say that screens are vampires for the ears. So I like nice displays, that’s more comfortable to work with but I just try not to miss they are false friends…