Display staff labels selectively

Is there a better way to do this?

I’m making a choral-vocal score, and I’m hiding staves, so I need to label staves when they change.

When I add a system break and show the labels, it shows the piano label as well, which I don’t want. But if I change the abbreviated staff names, it messes up my full score.

I’ve tried adding staff text instead, but I don’t want it to show in the full score. And when I drag it off the page (which is a little cumbersome), I can’t select it again later.

Is there a better solution, either a “proper” one on the horizon, or a better workaround for now?

Difficult to know from that one screenshot, but is there something clever you can do with divisi? I’m not sure whether you’re condensing or anything.

I don’t think that’s the solution here. I have a tenor soloist, a baritone soloist, and two choir staves (SA and TB). I’m not condensing either (just solo winds, strings, percussion, vocals).

Here’s the file, in progress: Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life

Try making the piano a section player. Then you can change the instrument name (to blank) with a divisi change.

I have used a similar trick to get a collection of piano exercises labeled 1, 2, 3, etc where the instrument name would normally go.

Ah, thanks Rob. Maybe that was what Leo was referring to. I’ll try it.

It would be infinitely easier if we could hide staff text on a per-layout basis…