Display won't take over flow title

I just merged both acts of an opera using Import Flows and everything went fine; Dorico placed the second act after the first, keeping the original flow names. The only problem is that on the first page of act 2 I can’t rename the flow header. In the text boxe is the correct token, i.e. {@flowTitle@} and, ironically, it functions correctly for all the other flows but this one. I hope someone has an idea without my having to try to strip the file and post it here…

Any overrides showing on that page, in the Pages section in the top right corner of Engrave mode?

What is it showing instead?

Bear in mind that the Flow names in Setup mode’s bottom panel can become “unlinked” from the Flow Title in Get Info, if it’s been manually altered there.

Not originally; it was just another default page layout. I recently changed that page to a First master page in the hope that it would help but it doesn’t. I know I could resort to removing the token and just typing the text in but I’m curious what could be going on.

Thanks, Ben. It had gotten copied from the first master page of the first act and wasn’t taking over the flow title, but instead using the text in the field from Project Info. Interesting. Good to know. All’s well now, including my having that tidbit of knowledge!

The field in project info IS the Flow Title. The thing that you see in the bottom panel of Setup mode is a separate (unnamed) piece of information that you can’t get to from a token.

Aha, also good to know. What’s the use of having a different text in a flow title (visible in Setup mode) than what’s in the project info fields?

Presumably so that you can easily add revision numbers that are visible (and changeable) without wading through the Project Info dialog. That’s what I use it for, anyway.