Displaying combination of single voices

Hello I try to display a selection of voices but I dont manage and get 34 entries in the manual , but not really the one that I am looking for.

Is there an easy way to select and than show/print a combination of voices?
I tried with a selection on the left sidebar where the instruments are listed in the Einrichten Page… but that does not work,

Thank you

You need to make a new layout on the right side of Setup mode (Einrichten) which contains the parts you want.

The left panel in Setup mode contains ‘players’, who by default each have their own layout in the panel on the right. I wonder if you might get more relevant search results if you use the term “player” when you mean “the music played by one person, that is, their individual part”.

In Dorico, the term “voices” is used for organising lines of notes when they share the same staff.

As the previous poster said, you can add as many layouts as you like, and assign any combination of players to them. To view different layouts, you can open new tabs or switch to other layouts in the current tab.

Sorry, I dont manage, I treed to follow this:


but couldn’t get it work.

The layout is not shown in the scroll down Partitur list etc.

I will print the voices separately .

Thank you all