Displaying entire chord notes from Komplete Kontrol

I am using Native Komplete Kontrol S49 MkII and Cubase Elements 9.5.

I am often using the Komplete Kontrols automatic Scales and Chord set mode. For just being able to make entire chords by just using one key.
But in the Cubase piano editor only one note is showing. How can I see the the whole chord - all notes in the chord and be able to edit the chord note by note?

I am adding the K Kontrol to Cubase as an Instrument track.

Please follow these instructions:

I don’t use this MIDI controller myself, but this should hopefully allow Cubase to receive the generated chords and scales.

Thanks for the link.

I finally managed to add the midi track and the notes appear in the midi track. But the single notes in the midi track doesn’t change:

Let say I use the SCALE function and chord set to make a Cmaj chord with just pressing the C note on the KK keyboard. Then the chord appears in the Instrument track as a single C note strike, and in the midi track as a C, E and G notes. So far all good.

But if I would like to change, let say, the E note to Eb, because I want the chord to be a Cmin instead of an Cmaj. I can move the note in the midi track - but it will not change completely - meaning despite the “physical” move it will still sound as a Cmaj.
And when I “run” record over it then the note changes back to the original spot in the keyboard, in this case as an E note = Cmaj chord.

How can I make the changes to “Stick”?