Displaying eventnames in the projectwindow

Hi there,

if you have a long event in the timeline like an ambience track or whatever the name of the event is only displayed at the beginning of the event. Depending of the resolution of the timeline/project window the name will disappear. Would be helpfull if the name would be displayed as long as the event appears.

I would love to have this as an option. Especially since the track name view is so limited-- when delivery spec requires a long prefix, the ending just disappears and scrolling to the start point in order to view, or clicking the file so it shows in the info line is a pain.


Hi Chewy,

just wanted to bring this request up in the minds of the forum users. Please display event names in the visible project window and not only on top of the event.


This would be very helpful - have you posted a request in the ‘Feature Request’ forum?

On a similar note, I find it very hard to read the white track names in the Project window (only the active track gets clear black text). Why can’t they always be black?