Displaying isolated bars in – say – instructional text

John Barron’s and Anthony Hughe’s videos show how to present initial bars in instructional text or a TOC.
Is it possible to choose specific bars somewhere in the middle of the piece to show the in a separate layout? If not I would welcome an additional pop-up within the music frame that allows to choose the bar(s) to be displayed. Like in InDesign, a little red plus sign could show that the frame is not big enough to display what the user has chosen.

Sorry if that has been discussed somewhere else (and, given the case, thank you for pointing me there) – I still find it difficult to guess the appropriate search term…

To elaborate on this: I now know how to display the beginnings of various flows in LA frames – but can I display various bars from one single flow?

Dear Eddo,
You could simply copy paste those bars in a new flow and choose to display that flow — which should not be part of the masterpages flows. This way, you can do absolutely anything that you want, but granted, this flows are not linked to the original sources anymore.
Hope it helps.

Thank you Marc!

Am I really the only one who wishes he could simply indicate the bars in question from whatever flow instead of creating “innumerable” new flows containing duplicates that don’t update…?
Also, creating new flows for the sole purpose of displaying isolated bars clutters my workspace (my flow space, to be precise)– I prefer to have a single flow per song. There will be plenty of them anyway.

Well, Eddo,
Since cues have appeared, I think what you are asking for is something that would require the same kind of engine, and as we know that this engine is there and works beautifully, you can always hope for some improvement in that field. Alas I cannot see that as a priority for the dev team, there are sooo many other things that would benefit to lots of users…
The method I indicated does work now. Take it or leave it, but that’s reality and you could achieve a really beautiful output NOW :wink:

Cher Marc,
I’m well aware of that, and I’m well aware that Dorico is still in its infancy (and for that it looks like a prodigy child).
I’m still curious though if others really never have felt the necessity for what I am asking for, so this was indeed not just a rhetorical question. I couldn’t find a related post.
I invite everybody to comment on this, just out of curiosity.

As with every workaround, the one you mentioned would require re-working once the desired feature is implemented… on the other hand, there is a work-around available.

Thank you for replying and proposing a solution!

Cher Eddo,

I would LOVE to see such an asset implemented in Dorico. It would make Table of contents incredibly easy to produce :slight_smile:

Eddo, it’s definitely something we will implement in the future. We had a go at implementing it a while ago, before Dorico 1.0 even came out, but applying the necessary filtering to show only part of the flow was problematic. We need to revisit it and spend more time thinking about it. I can’t say when we will come back to it, but being able to produce excerpts or thematic indexes etc. without having to duplicate those bars is definitely a goal for the future.

That’s great news indeed, Daniel!

If I might contribute my five cents, I’d like the option to hide clefs, time signatures, key signatures and initial and final bar lines to keep the display neat, clean and “open”, if the context permits. It would mean, though, that the software would have to add accidentals to compensate for missing keys.

Glad you finally recovered from the saxophones.

Kind regards!