Displaying Multiple clips in Melodyne

Nuendo 11.0.41, Melodyne Studio

I can’t seem to figure out how to load multiple clips into Melodyne such that there is a track list with edit and reference buttons to control display of active and grey reference blobs simultaneously.

It seems as though all the melodyne instances created by applying the extension to a clip are independent. The “show track list” menu item is greyed out in each.

I’ve tried several things including following the “Activating the extension for further audio events” via the “Add Event” button at the top of the lower zone editor as described on page 650 of the Nuendo Op manual.

Can anybody help me? Am I missing a setting in Nuendo or Melodyne? Or what? Thanks in advance.

. Marc

I just ‘Transfer’ the sections I want to work on into Melodyne the old-fashioned way. I found the whole ARA business too complex and fiddly.