Displaying pointer location information

In my previous version of Cubase, there was a line near the top that showed the precise location of the pointer arrow over an area in the track in either seconds, beats etc. 8.5 displays the location of the project curser only. Is there a setting for the pointer as well?

Could be the set up of that ‘Main window’
Right click in the top right area and have a look at these options:

I think @dlbeaty is referring to the Status Line in the midi editors.



Select Tool: Show Extra Info

Nice edited screen shots!
And thanks as well as I did learn something.

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Thanks. The “show extra info” works for me, in either audio or midi. For some reason, the popup box with the check boxes that is supposed to appear when I hover the mouse over the corner only comes up when I do not want it to, mainly in the Kontakt Player.

It might have been transformed into a tooltip:

EDIT: …and if I had read the entire thread before posting I would have not needed to post at all.