Displaying repeated bar numbers, throwing off count

Is there a reason why Dorico is numbering the 3rd full bar twice? I was able to fix the problem by deleting a bar in the score that was not in the part flow. Somehow there was an extra bar in the score that didn’t make it into the part flow before. I tried adding it back in the same position to see if I could recreate the problem, and now it counts the bars properly. Maybe this was a bug? Any thoughts? This is a recreation of a lost part.

It might be helpful if you can share the project file itself, or a cut-down version with just enough bars to demonstrate the issue, for someone to dig into it.

I didn’t think of sending the project, good idea! I tried to recreate the problem I was having but wasn’t able to, I’m sure I’ll run into it again and when I do I will post the project. Thanks for chiming in!