Displaying scale tones beneath a measure

Something that is quite common in jazz music lead sheets, especially with modal jazz, would be to write out the scale tones for a particular chord or measure in a second stave beneath the melody and chords; or to do this instead of rhythm slashes during the solo section etc. Quite often they’re just written as an ascending series of whole tones but across a single measure.

An example of the kind of thing I mean is here https://thumbs.static-thomann.de/thumb/padthumb600x600/pics/bdb/219394/15130663_800.jpg

Is there a way that this can be done in Dorico?

Since all this seems to require are chord symbols and stemless noteheads, I expect it would be possible in Dorico.

I don’t see this as an automatic process; one would have to write out the various measures as one would have to write out any other music.

The “key” in the upper left corner could be a slice or even a carefully placed one-measure flow in Dorico Pro.

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Writing out the chord tones is obviously absolutely fine.

I’m not so fussed about the key in the top left in this instance. Also, discovered for the first time you can just drag and select lots of notes in engrave mode… had always been trying to do that via shift clicking like in write mode… things you learn.

Anyway, thanks, looks like I can do what I need here:-