Displaying Scores in Instrumental Track

Let’s say I import to Cubase 5 a simple one-Tracked MIDI file, containing some piano playing…

As it seems I can only display Scores in Score Editor when using them in MIDI Track; as I try to display the same Scores in Instrumental Track (after copying-pasting them to previously created Instrumental Track), nothing shows up if I try to display them in Score Editor…; I can, however display scores (and other events) in Key Editor and List Editor, but would also like the scores to be displayed in Score editor. :neutral_face:

(I use standard Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth for MIDI Track and The Grand 3 VST for Instrumental Track)

hmmm… normally, an Instrument track should look exactly the same in the Score Editor as would a “regular” MIDI track. Are you saying that it displays an empty score? Or that the Score Editor simply won’t open?
If the former, are you certain that the score is displaying the correct Song Position?
(Another possibility… but I doubt this would be the case in this instance… would be if you have the Staff Settings>Polyphonic pane set to “Polyphonic”, and the MIDI channel of the actual note data didn’t correspond with that of the activated polyphonic voices.)

What do you see in the Score Editor, if you first drag a newly-written Part on the Instrument Track onto a regular MIDI track and open that in the Score Editor?

Thank you for replaying - it actually helped me!

The problem was indeed in different default poliphony settings between MIDI Tracks and Instrumental Tracks. I overlooked that.

Thanks a lot. Problem solved. :smiley:

Great :wink: (you’ll never know how nearly I didn’t bother posting that bit about polyphonic voicing, because I thought it was unlikely, and would complicate things unnecessarily… just goes to show, doesn’t it! :stuck_out_tongue: )