Displaying timecode of Imported Broadcast Wave Files?

I have imported a broadcast wave file into Cubase 6.0.6. The file was recorded with TC on a Tascam field recorder and contains the TC start position. When I import the bwf into Cubase 6, the timeline starts at 0 not the recorded TC. Bwf and display TC is selected in Project Setup. What do I do to display the original and correct TC on the timeline?

You set it in the project setup.

Thanks for your response! I realize that you can manually enter the start timecode in Project Setup. Is there a more automatic means by which imported bwf files can be inserted at their original timecode positions on the ruler?

Import the files in the pool, frm there “insert into project” - “at origin”. Obviously the Project needs to be set up so the range lies within the files´ timestamp.