dissapeared project

Hi,has anyone ever had the situation were,when u go to open a project u had been workin on,it has dissapeared?
thats wot has happened to me.
i was having problems with battery on this project.
i had 2 instances of it,one i was experiencing slight latency when hitting my midi keyboard,and hearing the drum hit.Same thing happened with grooveagentone.
With predator,an arpeggio would go out of sync for a cuple of bars,and then back in sync,then back out of sync.
would it be possible the project was corrupted?,and this caused it to dissapear of the face of the earth

Perhaps there is a .bak file in the project folder?
Or a recent backup?

I’ve had problems with arpeggiators going off sync but that was when trying to mix through the on board sound card of my laptop, also produced sluggish meters, high latency etc.
Did you check if the project accidentally had switched to some generic driver instead of the ASIO?


No,i dont see any bakups in the project folder.
and does the projects not save to the same folder regardless of ASIO or not?

In your Windows Documents folder do you see a “Cubase Projects” folder?

I’m presuming that when you mention Projects Folder you don’t mean this one which is where back-ups are stored.
I’m still working on this BTW because Cubase surreptitiosly fills up your C drive with backups. I want them somewhere else.

my cubase projects are in E drive.
when i open it i can see the save projects and baks. as well

The ASIO comment was just referring to your question about werther the project might have been corrupted or not.

Have you done a search for *.cpr and *.bak on all possible drives? Even where you think it wasn’t saved?

Did you save and reopen this project, just asking because I have a weak memory that Cubase with auto save enabled looks as if it creates backup files in the project directory, but if you never do the first save of a new project before encountering a crash then all backups disappear. With reservations that my memory might have messed something up.

:mrgreen: How can you be sure if your copy of “Humanity v1.04 / Twinoak” keeps crashing? Check with Godsupport for backups. In my case that’s the wife.

Man, I’m sure I was stable in v1.03, time to file a bug report!

Thanks twinoak. i searched on c drive and it appeared at C\users\myname\myducuments\cubaseprojects
strange one indeed.
something must have caused the project to be unstable.