Dissapearing plugins, preferences, content confusing installation/activation/library managers

Ok. This time I was just loading project, without Cubase update or smth. And found out that Retrologue, Padshop and number of vst3 and vst2 plugins are missing.
Some time ago preferences were missing. With key commands. It happens time to time, right?)
So, I go to download manager and it seems Retrologue and Padshop are installed there. There is a button “install again” though.
But some other plugins showing a button “install”, so what does it mean? You could think they aren’t installed for some reason, but they are. Maybe Download Assistant doesn’t see them? or what?
So. I reinstalled Retrologue, Padshop. They didn’t appear in Cubase Pro 13 on Windows 10.
Ok. Reinstalled again, reboot PC, most plugins appeared. Also UA Connect plugins started installation themselves… for some reason.
I really tied to found soultions and fix programm instead of work in it. AGAIN. This happens too often.

Steinberg, please. I don’t need new features, plugins, etc. Could you fix this nightmare? So we dont need to reinstall, re-adjust preferences, to find some weird solutions?

So my feature request:

  1. stability
  2. possibility to make backup by coping ONE file/folder. ALL preferences, mediabay, keycommands, paths, etc.
  3. And guys… Download assistant, Activation manager, Library manager - really? We need one managing app showing our licenses, installed soft, not installed soft, paths for libraries, etc. ONE app, please.
    I finished.

I noticed some things missing when I upgraded to 12. I hadn’t ever used them so I didn’t panic, but they shouldn’t drop without some BIG print calling it out.

I flipped out when NI dropped Absynth .

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the thing is that it could happen for numerous reasons and situations. Cubase update, after using sleep/awake PC (I guess), sometimes without any obvious reason. And every time you can’t be sure what exactly missing. Plugins? Preferences? Mediabay base? Libraries? The last one is quite sneaky) Let’s say you bought some sample libraries for Groove agent or Retrologue packs. Then they disappeared. But you wouldn’t notice this, if you using search by filters. I mean you just choose synth lead, distorted, etc., and you even don’t know that you search just inside factory sounds despite you have tons of paid libraries)

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