Dissappearing empty folders

Hi everyone
This JUST happened
I’m mixing in bulk (over 20 tracks a day).
For every mix, in the mixdown folder (cubase 12), I create 3 sub folders for stems etc.
Then, when I’m done exporting, I just drag and drop everything to the respective subfolder.
Today I also did that with like 15 tracks, and then for the next 5 tracks, the EMPTY subfolders started disappearing, AS SOON AS I close the project.
So it’s not a big deal, I can just create them again, but I cant understand what could have happened, after mixing over 300 tracks, and the same thing not happening?
Any ideas?
Thank you in advance

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Where exactly did you create these folders, please? Could you provide the folders/files structure, please?

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I am making the folders in the mixdown folder for every project.
The interesting thing is that this happened yesterday for the first time. Before that, I made over 300 mixes the same way and nothing disappeared.


Sorry, I mean where are the folders located? Could you provide how does the tree look like, please?

Can you reproduce it? Or did it happen only once?

Yeah. They are located in disk D, I’m nowhere near my pc right now to show you…
Basically everything is in disk D, while cubase itself is installed in C. But I think I know what it is now. Yesterday I made a project template, and I am almost sure it started happening then. So maybe cubase is overwriting something when I turn off the project?