dissecting vst's in Halion

Often times I find a particular instrument I really like in Halion but only one aspect of it. Is there away to take out layers of sounds embedded into one instrument. For example the “Sci-Fi Tick” in the Musical SFX library has a great attack and bass sound but it is accompanied with another sound that clutters up that original sound, I believe it’s a phaser. I would like to hear only the initial sound and not the phaser that comes after. Any ideas?

“Sci-Fi Tick” is one of the “Halion Sonic SE” sounds. Many of those are copy protected and can’t be edited. This is unfortunately one of them.

All sounds contained in an editable program can be viewed in the Halion “program tree”. There you can mute/solo or delete any zone or layer you don’t want. You can’t save over factory programs, so there’s no risk of losing the original sound.