Dissolve MIDI part generate strange unused mixer channel

Hello, this is my issue:

I’ve written a midi part in score editor where I’ve four part strings.
In this score sketch every part have his own midi channel for work in poliphonic mode and view separated voice on score.
When the part is ok I go to project part and choose “Dissolve Part” for generate separate midi tracks, a tecnique for explode poliphony.
When finish I see separated midi parts in project window but in the mixer channel there are additional channels (named “synth”, “slot”…) that I don’t know why and how to delete; the only workaround is to hide from mixer list channels.
Any suggestion? I’m wrong on some step?




When you Dissolve MIDI Part from Instrument track a new Instrument track has been created for every single dissolved channel. And every single instrument also takes the multi-outs with from the original source. The “Synth” channels are definitely the other outputs of the instrument. And “Slots” probably too. It probably depend on the Instrument itself.

Real Example:

  • I have an HALion Sonic SE Instrument with 2 additional outputs: HSSE Out 2, HSSE Out 3.
  • There is a MIDI Part on the Instrument track with multiple (3) channels data in it.
  • I dissolve this MIDI Part.
    -> 3 New Instrument tracks (HALion Sonic SE) has been created. Every single one for the relevant MIDI Channel (1-2-3)
    -> Every single new HALion Sonic SE Instrument has 2 more outputs enabled. These outputs are named “Synth” and “Synth”

See attached screenshot, please.

Martin thanks so much for the solution, I now know why this happens and how to disable from project window.
Very precious …thanks


Thank you. That was weird and disturbing. Maybe some day I’ll be hot for synth channels, but today they just freak me out.