Dissolve Midi Part Problem - Is there some logic behind this?!???

Hi there,

I am getting extremely annoyed by the Midi > Dissolve Part function. Whatever option I choose there seems to be no real logic in the sequence the different pitches or channels are being separated…

Here is what I want to achieve:

I sketch a chord using my section strings (with 3 or 5 pitches)

I use a set of Midi Logic presets in a macro to attach each pitch in a chord a separate Midi channel (so, lowest note in a chord gets channel 1, next highest gets 2… etc…)

I use the Midi Dissolve Part function to split the chords and move them from the section stings to the individual sting midi tracks (1st Violin, 2nd Violin, … etc).

Now here is the catch: No matter what I do, the dissolved MIDI notes always have a different order. I would assume that if I select “Dissolve by pitch” that the sequence of the newly created Midi channels OR lanes is identical to the channel order, so 1->first, 2->underneach 1, 3->underneach 2, etc…

Instead, they are all over the place and so far I was not able to figure out what I need to do to get a stable order of the generated pitches for the dissolve part function.

Any ideas?

That’s an interesting question, but chill out with question and exclamation marks in the topic title.

You’re just using a piece of software, please don’t let it spiral you into complete desperation.