Dissolve midi track by key switches

In cubase we have a function ‘Dissolve part’ that allows to separate a midi track multiple tracks based on pitch or channel.

I am looking for something similar but more complex:

  • For sample libraries we often use key switches to change between articulations.
  • These key switches are often the lower midi notes (e.g., around C-2, C-1)
  • This, in a midi part, I may have for example C-2 (legato), D-2 (pizzicato), and then back to C-2 (legato) again.
  • I want to dived this midi part over multiple tracks: in this example all notes between the start of D-2 and back to C-2 should be dissolved to another track
  • I can do this manually, but a midi part may contain many key switches.
    How to best approach this?

I know it is sometimes possible to use channels to switch between articulations, or that I can start with separate tracks for different articulations right from the start but these don’t provide a solution for me.

Any thoughts and solutions are helpful.


I’m afraid there is no automatic way.

Was afraid of that… Thanks,