Dissolve Part Crash / EZDrummer

I’m running Cubase 6.5 on MAC / 10.7.5 / 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5
I’ve got an EZDrummer track that was started as an INSTRUMENT track. Every time I try to dissolve the track in order to tweek each of the drum parts Cubase crashes. This doesn’t happen when I try to dissolve a bass track (which of course I don’t need to do). How do I fix this?

Aloha b,

Weird one huh?

I do not have an answer about getting the ‘Dissolve’ feature
to work in this case,

but two approaches:

short answer:

1-Set-up a new empty MIDI/Instrument Track that does work.
2-Copy all events from the original track and paste them into the new
3-Now try the ‘Dissolve’ feature.

The long way:

would be to manually
copy each instrument in the original Instrument Track,
and then paste that part to it’s own new
MIDI/Instrument Track that does work.

select all the kik drums events. (then copy and paste them into a new track)
select all the snare drums events …(do the same)
select all the hats events… etc etc etc

As I said, this will take some time but will also work.

On occasion I have had to actually do this same process.

Good luck.