Dissolve part - hi-hau unmuted

Hi all, beginner here. I have a midi drum track that I want to dissolve into individual instruments. Dissolve Part seems simple enough. However, when I split the track, any muting I’ve applied to, for example, the open hi-hat triggers, in order to simulate the hat being closed again, is lost, and the open hat trigger just rings out as it does when you sample it in Groove agent.

What am I missing here, if anything?

Am I doing hi-hats wrong? :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome,

Do I understand you right, you have an Instrument track with MIDI data and you try to Dissolve Part of this Instrument track?

If you do so, several new Instrument Track has been created. So you get n independent Instrument Tracks, which are not affecting each other. So the opened-hi-hat doesn’t know about the MIDI Note of closed-hi-hat in the other Instrument.

To solve this, add a MIDI Track and route it to the Instrument track. Place all MIDI data to this MIDI Track. Then Dissolve Part of this MIDI Track. A new tracks will be created and all of them will be routed to the one Instrument Track, so there is still relation among them.