Dissolve Part Ordering?

Cubase 12 Pro, Win 11:

Is Dissolve Part (Seperate Pitches with Dissolve to Lanes in this case) supposed to create tracks in a particular order, it seems pretty random to me.
Is it like movie credits “in order of appearance”? So the first pitch played gets the first lane/track, and so on.
Could it be useful to have an option “order by pitch”? It’s what I would have expected.


To answer my own question:
Yes, it’s order by appearance.
My solution:
Toggle Pitch Visibility, then add a scale of all the pitches used.
Dissolve Part → and voila, nice ordering.

Still there might be a checkbox in the future for convenience.

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All the tracks are a HH midi note but they are all different. Odd that there are so many or maybe Cubase is just randomly labeling them all the same based on the track name

Yes, that’s just cubase copying the original part’s name to every new part and appending the pitch. The original thing was named hihat because I glued several parts together and didn’t rename it before dissolving. Cubase can’t know about the actual sample names inside my VST, so that’s not cubase’s fault.

just because aesthetics:
this is how my drum track looks now

nice :slight_smile: