Dissolve Parts / Seperate Channels

Hi guys,

I’m trying to dissolve a midi part and use “Seperate Channels” option in the “Dissolve Parts” popup but it doesn’t show (Only “Seperate Pitches” is avaiable). How can I active this function ? Thank you in advance!


If I am reading the screenshot correctly, you are attempting to dissolve a Part on an Instrument track, yes? If that is so, then all the data inside it is probably on MIDI channel #1 anyways… so there is no channel dissolving to be done.

Yes correct. I’m actually watching a tutorial video but in the video the “Seperate Channels” option is avaiable:

Or, put another way, Cubase is telling you that there are no separate channels in the ‘Instrument’ MIDI file you are trying to dissolve.

What I don’t know is whether if a type 0 SMF has been dragged onto an ‘Instrument Track,’ if Cubase is getting it’s info from the file itself or from where it is hosted, i.e., on the Instrument Track.

If you are sure that this is a type 0 SMF, then create a new MIDI Track and drag the file there and see what happens.


Note that in your second screen shot no file is selected/ highlighted … unlike the first where there is a file selected in the project window.


It would be because the MIDI part you are trying to dissolve has notes that all output to the same channel. Go in the MIDI part, make some notes play to a different channel and then try dissolving again.

Thank you ilmolto! You’re the man. Thanks Como for the info also :mrgreen: I really appreciate !