Dissolve parts

Hi team,

I read about dissolving drum parts, but I want to dissolve a piano MIDI track for notes in a certain pitch range, with the goal of panning the left and right hand parts. I don’t see anyway to do this. So far, when I dissolve a piano part I end up with a million tracks and have to figure out the note ranges to delete. Totally stupid method. I hope Steinberg has a better way! We don’t all want to ONLY dissolve drum kits! How can I do this? Many thanks.

Any ideas, guys? Thanks.

They do have several.
Input transformer
Transformer insert
MIDI modifiers
MIDI inserts

Can you not simply select the MIDI notes and then go to -MIDI -> Dissolve Parts? Or does that actually make the million parts?

Thanks for the replies, guys.

Svennilenni, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Would you please expand on your topics. Thanks :slight_smile:.

Metl3evr, I can select the left hand notes, one at a time, in the piano track, but that takes forever. I’ve seen 20 year old DAWs where you can select notes within a certain pitch range and apply a split to another MIDI track. To think Cubase took that VERY convenient and logical method away is ridiculous. There has to be an easy way. So far, all I’ve seen on YouTube is a bunch of guys using the Dissolve function for drum parts.

If you just dissolve a left and right hand piano track, you end up with as many tracks as there are notes. I didn’t count them, but there had to be 20 tracks! Ridiculous!

Thanks guys…any other ideas?

This feature is very rarely used in modern music production.

An easy way to split the track is by using the Score Editor (you have very quick access to this using Cubase 9.5’s lower zone), then selecting Scores -> Functions -> Explode. This will allow you to split the MIDI track into one or more tracks depending on the parameters you set. This is commonly used for piano compositions.

There are many other ways like simply duplicating the tracks and using MIDI modifiers to filter out the notes that you don’t want to hear in each channel. You can click Freeze MIDI Modifiers to remove the unwanted notes.

Thanks again, guys. I’m on the road for the next four days. I’ll give it a whirl when I get back.