Dissolving MIDI

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Ok, so I’m trying to get my head around multi-note parts like drum beats.

Say I have programmed in a nice beat using whatever. It’s all in one part. I want to split/demix that part to several tracks but all a) on the same instrument, and b) same channel - a track per note value.

so, I end up with, say 8 tracks all pointing at the same VSTi and all on whatever channel the original track was on.

I have found the “dissolve” function and this kind of works, but it seems to want to dissolve to lanes within the original track, which is ok, as I can manually mute them out etc. but I can’t colour them individually from the “master” track.

Also, when dissolved to lanes, the individual lanes don’t seem to be routable via the inspector to a particular audio output of a multi-output VSTi in the same way MIDI tracks are, thus showing both the MIDI and audio fader for that track in the inspector. This is an absolutely killer feature, too, that I only discovered last night. It has massively eased my pain regarding the apparent division between multi-output VSTi and their extra channel outputs/tracks

Is there any way to achieve what I’m after without manually creating MIDI tracks and them moving the dissolved parts out of the lanes by hand?



Uncheck the “Dissolve to lanes” option on the Dissolve dialog and they will create separate tracks.

Hi there,

Thanks for the speedy reply :slight_smile:

I did that and it creates sequential MIDI tracks not all on the same channel…Is that right?

Let me try again


I suggest you have a look in the Op Manual Pg 672-675. :wink:

heh :slight_smile: I know. I’m usually one for rtfm as well. I’m having so much fun I got stuck at about page 400 and made music. The PDF is on the fondleslab. I’ll do some learning later on.

Cheers :slight_smile: