Distance between dotted note and voice 2

Hi all,

what about:

I think the distance between the dot and the next notehead is to big. Is there a setting to adjust this globally?

(I also tried with the e on the left side of the f, but that does not seem right, does it?)

I actually find that it’s better, since the confusion about where the beat is is somewhat dimmed. But there might be a (strange) rule I don’t know.

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I saw version 2 more often:


I would write version 2 as well.

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Thank you all, I will put the dotted note on the right side!
Seems to be something to do manually though – there are settings for unisons but not for seconds.

Yes, it is in engraving options.

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Select both notes, right click and select Voices > Swap Voice Order.

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Thanks, eventually I found it.

Perfect, very useful!