Distance between the repeat barline and the first note in bar

I know I can change it manually, but can it be adjusted in any other way? Maybe there is a setting somewhere. Because sometimes this distance becomes too long. Thanks)

Edit: looks like the distance becomes too long only after End/Start repeat. After single Start or End repeat the distance is OK.

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Not within Dorico atm, but is there something in Engraving Options > Barlines that manages the distance between repeat dots and first note in bar?

There’s no specific spacing gap value for the gap after a start repeat barline, but it’s something that has been mentioned before and I expect us to add in a future version.


Would be great!

The only setting for the distance after the repeat sign that I found is this:

But it seems that it does not work.

The gap you’ve found doesn’t apply to the gap following a start repeat barline: it applies in the situation shown in the illustration.

Yes, but I tried to recreate that situation, too. And it didn’t work. 1 and 2 works, but not 3.

I reproduce this. I tried everything I could think of following an end-repeat: notes, a key sig, both sigs, a double-repeat with sigs between (as in the illustration). I set the gap to 6 spaces and it makes no difference. [Dorico 4]


My colleague Andrew and I talked about this today, and it transpires that this spacing gap value is not currently used. We didn’t have time for an exhaustive audit of the changes in the spacing code going back several years, so I can’t tell you when this changed or for what reason, but I have made a note to remove this from the UI for the time being. I’m not sure when I will get around to it, but it’s on my radar.