Distance of arpeggio from accidental?

Is the distance between an accidental and an arpeggio line set by any of the options, or otherwise considered? There is one parameter for the distance of an arpeggio from a chord, but small changes don’t seem to affect this gap.


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Engrave options>Accidentals>Gap to the left seems to be what you’re looking for…


Aha! Thanks, Marc.

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Yes, though unfortunately of course that also applies in other situations. We would like to make it possible to determine the gap between the leftmost accidental and the arpeggio sign independently, but that is not currently possible.


This has been discussed several times over the years: Arpeggios and accidentals - spacing - Dorico - Steinberg Forums. It’s particularly a problem with flats.

As a workaround, you could create a line with a wiggly body and use custom invisible Line Annotations (right-facing hooks with Line width = 0 for example) which you’d set as a Start or End cap for the line in the Properties panel.

Not ideal obviously but Dorico will allow room for the line so one doesn’t have to tinker with the spacing manually.