Distance to staff, text with linebreak

Hello all!

As you see in the image, the distance from text to staff changes when I use a linebreak.
Is there a way to get around this, other than moving the text manually in engrave mode?


Is there definitely not another, empty line break below the 2nd text item (on the minim D)?

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I also see this. There’s no ‘third line’ in the text.


Turning off Avoid Collisions makes the top line align with single-line text, which isn’t ideal, either.



No, there is no empty line involved just like Ben said. I also tried with system text – same result. Could this be controlled via a paragraph style?

For historical reasons, single-line text items are positioned differently to multi-line ones. This was something that changed during Dorico 3 development. I don’t have access right this minute to the discussion we went through when we made this change, so I can’t give you chapter and verse on why we made this change, but it was basically to do with how we position text relative to the staff and whether we position relative to the baseline of the text (easy when the text item has only one line, much harder when it has multiple lines).

Should I understand from your answer that the difference in position is because of reasons related to other functionality in the program?

Anyway, I guess I will just not use multi-line text, or move them manually in engrave mode.