As promised here’s another one of my songs, would love to hear feedback and advice. Thanks for listening!

Ok, about the guitar first; I don’t know if the sample/library allows for it and if it doesn’t there isn’t any more you can do, but you could have some of the notes with the brief slides to and from notes, especially the notes between the arpeggios. And ofc it shouldn’t be on every note, but having every note the same just doesn’t sound good. But as I said, not all sample libraries allow for these things so that’s only a criticism if your library allows it. Working on arranging strings is definitely something that can be improved upon. As a general rule the 1st violins take higher notes and the 2nd violins and violas take the notes just below it, with cellos either doubling the bass an octave higher or playing an independent line. But anyway, the panning is the bigger problem than the notes written for them.

Ears like low and higher sounds to be separated a bit. Even in pop stuff high violin notes are to the left as they would be on a stage or in any recording. As a result of your high violins being to the right it has an undesirable imbalance on the ears (especially with headphones) and the string writing is the thing that needs to be improved upon the most. There are some nice ideas in there but really take some time to look into how strings are recorded/performed/positioned/written and you’ll be able to make your ideas sound so much consistent and nicer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the helpful input on strings… I love the sound of strings but as you pointed out I am not familiar with the actual arrangement aspect… Your words helped me understand a bit more… And the guitar part is me actually playing an acoustic guitar it isn’t a sample.

Oh, it must just be the guitar sound then. I can hear the release on the ends of the arpeggios being at a human time, so I thought you’d just edited that. But the few notes between the arpeggios sound very brittle, perhaps try sliding from the third note to the fourth too, nothing too intrusive, just a subtle slide, it may make the difference. Idk, the brittle sound just isn’t that pleasing to the ear.

As for the strings, try to write in four-parts; 1st violins, 2nd violins, violas and cellos. You can easily Google for their stage positions and then listen to anything with strings from classical and film music through to pop music like Vanessa Carlton’s first albums.There’s also an Ozzy Osbourne song called ‘So Tired’ that is really a fantastic example of how to make strings sound interesting and work in the context of that kind of song(it’s a rock ballad with influences of The Beatles etc.) Even in a string quartet with only four people they are still recorded panned to the same positions, only slightly closer to the center, given there are less chairs spread around. It’ll give a more unified sound, well maybe not at first but you’ll pick it up really quickly.

And about what kind of techniques you can/should use for which notes comes down to whether your sample library allows it. Using sustain patches for short notes will never sound as realistic nor as good as using the staccato patches. If the string patches are sustain only there’s nothing you can do in regards to the technique/performance aspect, but you can still practice at how to arrange chords/motifs on them. 2nd violins and violas quite often just play in unison doubling each other with the same note at the same pitch, but not always of course.

Thanks again! You are really helping me understand things more clearly now in the orchestral strings aspect.

Like this a lot…like the arrangement and the gated guitar…nice and tuneful, good work, Kevin

Very interesting mix between synth, guitar and piano, something different because the piano just plays background. Keep it coming.



But seriously… I don’t care much for the guitar sound, either, which sounds like it was taken directly from the guitar’s output. It’s a personal preference thing, but I think this piece would improve considerably if you mic’d the guitar. Overall, this is actually a very nice and affecting piece. Even without any singing :laughing: