Distorsion and problems with old audio files. Cubase 6.5

Recently bought a new desktop studio computer . After the last few days sitting and reinstalled Cubase 6 (with free 6.5 upgrade) and all the plugs , it was finally time to test that everything worked . I imported audio files which I know sounds excellent from old projects . Sadly, I had to tear off my headphones , because some of the tracks only sent terrible distortion / noise sound, so strong that it can not hear . Have tried with various audio files, and it will be the same .
Have earlier installed RMEs latest drivers for my sound card ( Babyface ) and I suspect it is somewhere here it bursts . Ie the settings in the Device Setup or something like that, but I can not ger it right.
Is there anyone who has experienced the same , or has an idea of ​​what it could be . I keep going crazy after all troubleshooting.

Computer with 8 gigs of RAM , 64 bit Windows , R Processor Intel Core TM i5 2400. The sound card is an external RME Babyface that works great with other computer.
Something I noticed is that la the latency is 25 ms. On my old laptop only 8.

Please take the time and check if my problem, described in detail at:
might be the same as yours.

If yes, we should check our setups and find out what they have in common that causes the error.
I have dug deep into this problem, it seems very much to be a Babyface issue, and not been able to find a solution - so far.