Distorsion in Retrologue's filter section.

Hi, I’m new to this forum and to synthesizers.
I’m using Retrologue. I have a question on the distortion in the filter section.
I would like to know wich part of the sound it affects.
Like I said, I’m new, and to me, three things are possible:

  1. the distortion affects the whole sound
  2. the distorsion affects the portion of the sound inside the filter’s band
  3. the distorsion affects the portion/s of the sound outside the filter’s band

Thanks to anyone replying.

There are several kinds of “distortions” and they all have different sounds. First thing is to be careful that you don’t blow out your speakers. Just try the different kinds of distortions and you’ll become familiar with them. Remember to move around the Cutoff and Resonance. There’s a lot there, so take your time and work with the different kinds of distortions and see what they do. The distortions effect the whole sound when turned on, however, depending on the signals you are working with, you may notice more or less effect. Just mess with it and you’ll find interesting and some horrible sounds.

Good luck.