Distorted audio

I have been having trouble with the audio sometimes coming out distorted . It had happened when I have left the iPad and come back later , fixed this by exiting the app and reloading it. Then I am getting it when AudioShare is open at the same time and in a slide over window. Happens over Bluetooth as well as internal speakers and headphones.

Using iPad Pro 2020 iOS 16- latest

That’s interesting. I don’t have any ideas about this, but I’ll ask our colleagues in the Cubasis team whose audio engine we are using in Dorico for iPad, in case they have any ideas about it.

I’ve been talking about this with my colleague Alex, and he wonders whether you find the distortion is lessened if you change the Multi-core rendering option on the Play page of Preferences. Does it make any difference if you enable airplane mode?

Turning off the multi core doesn’t fix it. It happens sporadically. I can’t really tell what’s causing it or what makes it stop.

This happens for me in a repeatable way when I use the Apple USB-C audio dongle and then go back to the ipad speakers. M1 Ipad Pro 10.9”

@steve_x, what do you need to do to reproduce this? Disconnect the “audio dongle” during playback, or simply disconnect it during the session? What precise peripheral are you referring to when you say “audio dongle”?

For extra data: I experience a similar difficulty sometimes when switching from onboard speakers to a bluetooth headset (specifically, Sennheiser PXC-550 II). Also similarly, restarting Dorico fixes the issue.

I have the exact same problem: coming back after a while the sound is typically distorted, relaunching Dorico being the only way to fix it (tried resetting audio engine but no success). I don’t use any other hardware.

iPad Air gen5, iOS 16.3.1, Dorico

Thanks for confirming that you see this problem as well. We’ve so far been unable to reproduce this in-house, but we’ll keep trying.

It happened to me yesterday. Never happened before, and only dud it once. Maybe a Halion 7 issue? Anyway, restarting Dorico fixed it, and it hasn’t done it since.

@dspreadbury I tried deactivating the multi-core rendering earlier as you suggested in a previous reply, but it did not fix it while the glitch was active. I had, however, another sound issue yesterday, which prevented Dorico from producing any sound in split screen configuration after my other music app had taken the sound focus at least once (even if that app is not currently playing any sounds, it only has to have produced sounds once). In that case Dorico would be silenced and require a restart (but the problem was recurring at every relaunch).

Deactivating multi-core rendering in Dorico seems to have both fixed (worked around) that other issue, and the distorted sound issue (I’ve just opened my iPad from where I left off Yesterday and it does not have the distorted sound issue, which I would normally have). I’ll have to make more tests to validate.

To summarize: disabling multi-core when the distorted sound glitch is active does not fix it right away, but it appears that it prevents it from occurring. More tests needed to validate my hypothesis.

Well, the sound distortion came back today, so the potential workaround does not work.

My most recent observation: I use a Bluetooth headset, and while the sound is clean in my headset, switching to the iPad as output makes the sound distorted. Switching back to the headset the sound is ok again. It seems to be repeatable when I alternate between headset and iPad as sound output.

I think I may have observed the same issue earlier, but with the opposite behaviour (distorted in headset and clean from iPad), so the initial state of the sound might not matter, but the change in output channel seems to.

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