Distorted slur positioning

Dorico produces this result by default:
Is this intended? I don’t pretend to understand all the subtleties of slur positioning and I appreciate this is a difficult case, but not a rare one. But to my amateur eye, the slur would look better if it was rotated so that the left end connected more closely with the stem and the right end was further from the notehead.

Adjusting settings in Engraving Options > Slurs > Avoiding Collisions doesn’t seem to make a difference.

What version of Dorico are you using? I haven’t seen this since 1.0. Quite strange.

In this context - is it possible to rotate a slur?

I’m on 2.1.20 on Mac. Can you reproduce it?

And it’s very hard to rotate the slur – you have to do it slowly and carefully by dragging multiple handles.

I can reproduce the shape of the slur.

If you alt-click the left handle of the slur in Engrvae mode, it’s easy to adjust it.


Thanks. In the end, the best solution for me was to flip the slur under the notes, which looks neat and is also more compact vertically. But the original query remains – I have a feeling that Dorico ought to do a better job than this by default.

Gould (p. 110) implies that placing the slur below the notes is preferable in this situation, but Dorico doesn’t (yet?) implement that recommendation.

Thomas, to specify/clarify:
to move/rotate the whole slur one will have to use the mouse after alt-clicking. Using the arrow keys after alt-clicking will not work the desired way (as it will only move the one handle).

Actually I think Thomas was referring to the (very helpful) alt- click&drag the handle behavior, which makes it very faster edits with slurs.

Another bad slur positioning choice by Dorico:

Without seeing more of this score, it is hard to understand why the F and A minims are not on the upper stave, or the bottom F (which looks like an organ pedal part) on its own stave. :slight_smile:


I agree (at least on the first point), but I didn’t choose how to notate it.

At the moment Dorico is not able to correctly position slurs for inner voices. What you can do is to switch on Disable auto curve adjustment property of the slur in engrave mode, and if necessary adjust the slur manually afterwards.

Thanks, András!