Distortion at Sampling Rate 192kHz

hello, when I try to put Sampling Rate 192kHz I have a very strong distortion in my cubase pro 11.0.41. So I tried uninstalling the asio 2.1.1 driver and installing 2.0.4 and the distortion problem no longer appeared. I wonder if there are other users with this same problem? If so then probably there is a problem with the asio driver. Can you please try setting the Sampling Rate to 192kHz then reply if it works for you and if so which asio and cubase driver version you have. Thanks


Could you try to increase your Buffer Size, please?

It is important to me to have the smallest possible buffer because I record the guitar otherwise it is impossible to play and get along with a high latency. I installed the asio 2.0.4 and everything works perfectly there so I don’t understand why with the 2.1.1 driver this is not the case. I have an R9, 64 Giga ram, the nvme disks it is not possible that it is the fault of hardware

I’ve been running my system at192 for a while with no problems until I open google browser. Then things get distortionated.

thank you for your help, indeed it is a conflict with web browser. When I close my web browser there is no more distortion