Distortion/crackling midi files

I make midi files for my choir backing and convert them to MP3 with no problem.

However, I wanted to record the choir on my laptop so transferred the original midi files to the laptop so I could take it to the reheasal to record. When I checked them first on my laptop using the same audio interface they are sometimes crackly and intermittent.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be? (I used sounds from Halion Sonic SE, Hypersonic and Sampletank which are installed on both machines.)

your laptop is struggling.

Laptop specs?
WiFi disabled?

Thanks both,

I’ll try disabling wi fi. Out of curiosity, why would it make a difference?

Both computers are Windows 7.
I’ll let you know how it goes.


Aloha Z,

MIDI 101:
MIDI files cannot crackle because MIDI files do not make sounds.
MIDI files tell your VSTi’s what sounds to make and that’s where the crackle is.
or the prob might be in the actual audio circuitry (card) in your 'puter

Try this
For playing back of VSTi’s, raise the buffer level.

I try to:
1-Track with lower buffer settings
2-Playback with higher settings

Also you could try using sounds/patches that use less juice.


… yes, and make sure you’re using the ASIO driver for the sound card.

An alternative (temporary) approach, if you can’t (yet) stop the crackles and intermittent behaviour: on your main PC, export your MIDI backing cpr file as a wav (audio) file - as you’ve been doing for mp3, but to wav instead - then, on your laptop, create a new file cpr file with the wav file in it to play the accompaniment while you record the choir into Cubase.

Thank you all for your replies.
I will export them as WAV files and use them in Cubase to record the choir. I tried to use the whole file with the midis in so that I could then go back to my main computer and do any more editing I felt was needed. It’s a bit of a gamble though.

I’m sure it’ll work so once again, thanks for your help and suggestions.

I will look into the other ideas later but I need a quick solution for the moment.


I’ve sorted the problem. I changed the latency setting on my audio interface (Tascam US-122) and all seems fine.

I do feel stupid for not being able to solve it before but once again - many thanks.