Distortion in Cubase when Traktor A6 set as audio device

Hi guys. Strange problem. Decided I want to use my Traktor A6 card to produce when I’m on tour. But when I select the A6 as my sound device in Cubase, I hear really awful distortion. Like the signal is clipping by 50 dbs. I thought at first it was my Traktor box but all other audio on my mac sounds perfect. This is only happening inside Cubase. Any ideas guys?


The low Buffer-Size could sometimes sounds like a distortion. Try to increase it, please.

no this isn’t related to buffer . my asio meter isn’t spiking. Any audio in Cubase is accompanied by loud distortion noise. Kind of like if you put your gain meter up by 50 db and cranked it full blast


Is the Traktor A6 driver installed properly? Is it connected to the USB2 slot (not USB3)? Can you try to connect it to another USB slot, please?

How does it look like on Cubase Output meters? Are there any LED meters on the A6 device? If yes, how does it look like here? Is there any dedicated sophisticated Control Panel of A6?

Check your VST Connections, please. Don’t you send the signal to the bus more times (once from Outputs, once from Studio - Control Room)?

What Windows/Mac OS do you use?

yes Traktor is installed properly. Like I said, its playing all audio on my mac fine except for Cubase.
Its connected to my standard USB2 port on my macbook pro.

Cubase meters are fine. Project is fine because if I switch to internal sound card, its playing fine.
I don’t use Control room or any weird routings. super simple setup. Brand new cubase project with nothing in it but 1 audio track . still the same problem.

Using Mavericks OSX on macbook pro i7

Is it the same, if you use MAIN Out on the A6, and the same with headphones of A6?

only using the headphone out for the test currently