Distortion issue on Windows 11

I have a very strange issue with Cubase. I work on a track and play it over and over, the sound quality is perfect. Then I leave my PC unattended for maybe 30 mins or so, when I subsequently play the same track, its completely garbled and distorted. My only option is to close down Cubase and restart it, it then works fine. There is no real pattern to this that I can see, it seems to be random. It happened with Cubase 11 Pro and now its happeing with Cubase 12 pro. Im using Windows 11.
I have to admit that under Windows 10 I never had these sorts of problems, its only since updating to Windows 11. Is there a fix ? has anyone else experienced this problem ?
My system is highly optimised for audio, I have 12 cores and 64GB RAM as well as 6TB SSD strorage. My system is more than able to handle any of the tasks (audio wise, or other) that I throw at it.

Is your audio device connected via USB ?
Could be a power setting in windows turning off unused components.

Win + R

It is connected via USB. My power setting is high performance. This has only started happening since upgrading to Windows 11. I am using an old Komplete Audio 6 interface (MK1) and the driver hasnt been updated in years. I also use a lot of Arturia synths and they tell me they havent been updated yet for Windows 11, so it may be a combination of these. Its bloody annoying though. I can say that the audio problems I was getting with Cubase 11 seem to have got better under Cubase 12, but I still have issues. Im buying a new more modern sound interface, maybe that will help

I don’t think it’s necessary, this has something to do with, how the system handles USB device stand by.
Try to turn it off. It is normally not covered in the standard power scheme settings.

If you go to the control panel and open hardware and click on each of the usb controllers at the bottom then there is a tab where you can disable usb sleep. I may gave some of the terminology wrong as I’m not in front of my pc.

Hi Thanks for the advice

Its actually under device manager in the control panel and then properties → Power management

‘allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’

Ive unchecked it, lets see how it goes

thank you

after those changes, its happened again, only this time while I was playing a track, haddent left the computer unattended, go figure :roll_eyes:

shut cubase down , then fired it up again, works ok, until the next time :tired_face:

Was it a fresh install of windows 11? I wouldn’t trust anything but a fresh install. I’m working fine with win 11. Did you change anything to run win 11 in bios? Could be a new driver even. Have you run latency mon as you may see something happen when the problem occurs.

It was an update from 10 to 11, Ive only really started having problems since the upgrade so it must be related. They arent major problems, but its just enough to be really annoying

didnt change anything in the bios

latency monitor reports that my syetme is perfrctly fine for real time audio, no issues at all

One other possibility, the samplerate in windows. Try setting it to the same as your Cubase projects.
I have encountered problems when focus is shifted from Cubase to another program and back, or simply windows playing a notification sound.
In my case a newer driver fixed the problem at some point. But it is good practice to use a different audio device for system sounds IMHO
Also any externally synced devices like ADAT, SP/dif need to be slaves.

I actually have all my system sounds disabled

Yes, that’s the better solution…
I will search for my NI Komplete Audio 6 and try it with Win11.
Only used it with the laptop and Win10.

I managed to eliminate most of the Hard pagefaults, these seem to be an issue where realtime audio is concerened. The biggest culprit was CompatTelRunner.exe, Ive tried many times in the past to disable this but it always sprung back to life, hopefully this time ive killed it off for good. Cubase also used Hard pagefaults, but only 2 so hopefully its not gonna cause any problems. So far, so good, but time will tell

big thanks for all your help and suggestions, very much appreciated

I still worry about upgrading over the top of another os. I partitioned my drive and dual booted between win 10 and win 11 until I had it working fully. I did that for about two months until totally happy then removed the win 10 partition. Can you roll back to win 10?

Im not worried about upgrading, there are ususally a few issues, but nothing major. Going from 10 to 11 was relatively painless. Hopefully Arturia will release windows 11 updates soon. Ive tweaked my system, so time will tell. Im due a new sound interface anyway, this one is quite old now, so hopefully that will help too.

I have no issues so far using Arturia products.