Distortion on live monitoring

Hi all. First post here so hope i give enough info. I just got a rodecaster pro that im using as my interface and running cubase elements 12. I was running elements 10.5 but upgraded yesterday incase that was the problem. Im getting distortion on live monitoring wether i use a mic for vox or midi vst for piano. Im getting it through both speakers and headphones. Ive tried different usb ports and cords. Im running the latest ASIO4All driver. Any ideas?

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As it seems that the Rodecaster has an available ASIO driver, I would get rid of ASIO4All and use it instead, then I would set up Cubase to use this driver in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System panel.

Be sure that the Input & Output latencies values (still in the Audio System panel) are not too low, as maybe your system isn’t able to cope with such values. The driver should come with an utility that allows to adjust the latency setting.

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Where do i find the rodecaster driver? I went to their site and the only software i found was the companion to drop in soundbites and copy recordings from the microSD

Here, near the bottom of the page.

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