Distortion on mp3

Why do I get distortion on my mp3 files? I´ve checked every level in my montage from clip to track to master and everything looks ok but when rendering to mp3 an ugly disortion appears! Any advise? using UAD apollo as sound card. / yours Frans Mossberg

Try with -0.5 dB or even -1 dB or less if wav in Master Section
or use limiter set to above suggestion why because Mp3 converter
can introduce to high level when going from wav to mp3
if you render a wav you should not get any distortion
just test to find out…

regards S-EH

Thanks for the tip! I´ve tried lowering on all instances but it doesn´t seem to help however. It´s strange since the wave files are clear and good. /franzmo

What is the genre of music? Some music genres can distort when transferred to MP3s due to the frequency content of the music. FWIW

It mostly acoustic singer/songwriter based on acoustic guitar and vocals with some added instrumentation. I got some UAD plugs that might raise the volume though it doesn´t exceed 0dB anywhere in the signal chain that I can discover.

@franzmo 0dB on your final master is asking for trouble. Like S-EH says, keep a safe level before mp3-conversion. I always use -1dB and have never seen distortion in the mp3 after conversion.

As others mentioned, keeping a peak ceiling as low as -1dB (that’s my default) using a peak-limiter will surely help.

If the distortion is that much different between WAV and mp3 though, it seems like something else is going on.

Are you somehow double processing through the global master section? Or are you somehow auditioning your master again through the global master section?

Where are you listening to the mp3 when the distortion occurs? If you’re practicing safe peak level, even a low quality 128kpbs mp3 should survive that, so it may just be a settings issue on playback. Unless it’s long sustained low notes such as a piano or cello, those can be tough.

Does is sound distorted if you use something else besides the Apollo? And play it back using something like the Mac Finder (or Windows equivalent) to rule out any software settings gone wrong?