Distortion on offline processing

Dear Steinberg,

When I process an audio event by the direct offline processing, the processed audio event may become distorted with no particular reason.
No matter which kind of process is applied on the direct offline processing window, the audio event in question may suddenly become louder and aggressively distorted.
This issue constantly happens in random audio events; In a certain project, some audio event might be effected and some not.
I could not find the culprit though. For instance; aif/wav-based audio events are both randomly affected alike. Audio events on old/new projects are both affected randomly as well. Auto-apply mode doesn’t make any difference either, as well as neither relation to 32/64 bit processing nor many other parameters and functions have been found.

These checks were applied on 2 different OSX-based computers.

Although this issue is not constant it’s still exasperating whenever it occurs with no alternatives to offline processing.
I hope you’ll be able to spot and fix it as that makes me switch back to Cubase 9.0.3.

On the picture, the marked audio event originally looked the same as the audio event on its left and right-side.
That’s the result of the direct offline processing once any of my plugins or cubase processing effects are inserted and applied.

Many thanks.

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I have also experienced this issue in Cubase 11.0.10, using UAD plugins.
A very frustrating issue as it is destructive to the wavs which means a long wait whilstI re-importing the affected wavs and tracks from a previous project in order to correct this bug.