Distortion plugins

Hi - I don’t use much distortion, so I thought I’d check out “DaTube”. I ran a voice through it, and A/B’d, and was surprised by the results!

With DaTube maxed out/glowing red hot, I noticed that it decreased the dBFS of the first and 2nd harmonics (i.e., the octave above the source note, and then the 5th above that) by 3-6 dBFS, which was surprising to me! Above that, it increased everything by approximately the same 3-6dBFS. And it did a good job of tracking the source frequencies, in terms of the “shape”.

For those that have looked at distortion over the years … is it surprising that the distortion plug-in decreased the volume of some of the harmonics (the 1st two, in this case)? I just assumed it would increase everything …

[Technical note: I used CurveEQ to capture/store the two spectra, and adjusted the gain of the source audio down to compensate for the increased gain of the distortion plugin. I wasn’t really sure what to match (the dBFS of source note frequency? … the “average” dBFS of the passage?) … I decided I would adjust the source track input gain so that the actual source note dBFS were identical. Then I compared the curves over the higher frequencies/harmonics.]

Thanks for any thoughts!