Distribute events equally

I would like to propose a function that would distribute selected events equally on a time line (horizontally). A feature that is common in graphical editing software.
For example, in Photoshop as well as Powerpoint this feature is called “Distribute Horizontally”.

When applied to MIDI Note On events, it would turn this:

into this:

Here the start value of the notes in between the first and last notes are shifted so that the Note On events have equal distance to each other. The start value of the first and last notes are unaffected.


This should work, if you send the Grid accordingly and then quantize. Or am I missing something?

Yes, I believe so.
For reference, in the two screenshots above the grid is set to 1/16th notes. What setting would you use to be able to go from screenshot 1 to screenshot 2?

What I’m asking for is a function that is completely independent of any grid setting. My example uses Note On events, but it would be great if the same function could be applied to any type of event.

Here’s what the function looks like in MS PowerPoint. There the function is called “Distribute Horizontally”. The concept is exactly the same.
Eq Spaced


You have 7 objects/notes on the screenshot. So you have to set the Grid to any kind of 7-Tuplets. If the whole section on your screenshot is 1 bar, then set the Grid to 1/1 7-let. If the whole section suppose to be 1/4, set the Grid to 1/4 7-let.

You are misunderstanding again.
Lets try a different example. The function I’m requesting would be the exact same in this scenario.

A function that distributes events equally on a horizontal/time line.
One that could transform this:

into this:

The function I am proposing will make sure that the distance between all the events are exactly the same. The grid plays no part in this.

@Martin.Jirsak Here is the .mid file of the above example if you want to try it yourself.
Distribute equally.mid (160 Bytes)


So you want to take the 1st and the last notes as an anchors, you don’t take care about the grid at all, right? Then you are right, this is not possible in Cubase and it’s a feature-request.

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Bingo! :heart:
Yes, this is a feature request as indicated by the tag and stated in my OP.


I’m going to second this request.

Just to give background on my use case: I use MIDI that gets translated into DMX messages to drive various lighting gear for our live shows. Some of these pieces of gear will require equally-spaced triggers to, say, move a spotlight in certain ways.

So, specifically, I need to create a sequence of equally-spaced MIDI notes from scratch, starting at a certain location, ending at another location, and having no gaps in-between. They also need to have monotonically increasing velocity, but I can use the line tool to draw that in.

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