Distributing expression maps with commercial products

I am a Dorico Pro user and occasional small-time sample library developer.
I am wondering if it would be legally permitted for me to distribute my self-created Dorico expression map files (.doricolib files) with commercial sample libraries.

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Hi Mark,

I can’t see why not? You’re not using anyone’s work to make money. It’s your creative work. I’ve purchased similar things for my previous notation software.

You might find yourself competing against people willing to share theirs for free though?

I’m not sure if the products I purchased were endorsed by the company or not? Etc you’re in the right place to find out at least :joy:

For the avoidance of doubt: yes, you are certainly free to distribute expression maps, playback templates etc. with your product. If you want any help with figuring out how best to distribute these to make the installation process as easy as possible for your customers, just let us know.


Please do that, always much appreciated!