Distributor Woes .

Dear Stienberg
The distirbutor that you have appointed for India is hopeless and extremely incompetent. it has been around three months since the launch of cubase 6 upgrade but he has not got any shipment for the same.And this is not the first time they have done this. I please request you to appoint someone more responsible. Its a shame such losers represent you in my country .And on top you have a warped policy of not selling upgrade online … which leaves people like me no choice but to keep using the version that i own.If i had to pick up a box i could have done that thru so many dealers worldwide. Please allow online stores like audiomidi and sweetwater stock upgrades. its a pain to deal with the losers you vest your trust in as distributors.


Dear Sameer:

Pace is our choosen partner in India for a long time now. We have not have any complaints about them yet nor has it brought to our attention that they do not have the necessary knowledge of our products.

They do have ordered Cubase 6 and will receive it shortly. I cannot deny that this has been a long period after the offical launch and I will ensure that the next releases will be available at an earlier time.

But for now you will have the possibility to approach them again with your request and will be able to get the latest Cubase 6 version.

Thank you.

Melanie Becker
Export Channel Manager