Disturbing, eye-unfriendly light/dark contrasts in menus and icons

Most of that article proposes dark text light background, including the article itself being that way.

In the case of the Kindle or whatever, most devices specific to reading have highly anti-reflective surfaces, are a device in which the person can move it to the optimum distance for them from their face, and the software in those devices has parameters for resizing text. Without a highly anti-reflective surface, you will get exterior light bouncing off a black screen more because of the nature of glass/transparent material.

You’ll notice in the white text on black picture example, that the text is spaced further apart. That text would not be readable if the minimum line spacing was used.

The size of text in Cubendo, and the proximity of spacing between words/lines in some windows, is not well suited for light text on dark background.

To make it clear …
I have nothing against dark backgrounds. We had it already in earlier versions of “Cubendo” and there it worked for me !!!
So there are other things to consider as root cause for my and some other peoples complaint.

I think I found out 2 interesting things by forum discussions and when looking at other software which also use a dark GUI like Vegas Pro 15.

  1. Vegas Pro 15 also uses a dark background. There are some text elements that are displayed in paper white and it’s not disturbing.
    Why ? They use a much smaller font and no “boldface” characters. By this the amount of white is reduced, this is more eye friendly.
    So my assumption is, that Cubase and Nuendo 10 use in some GUI elements simply a too high amount of “white” on “dark” (text, icons other elements).

  2. When discussing this issue in a forum somebody said … I have no issues on my 4k screen. I think this is also important.
    If you have a 4k screen, then everything is becoming more tiny on screen because of the higher resulution and PPI (pixel per inch) value.
    If everything becomes more tiny on a screen then of course the paperwhite areas (GUI elements) on dark also become more tiny
    and are most likely not so disturbing.

It would be very friendly if somebody at Steinberg could analyse the root cause for this.
Maybe also with a 23" or 24" monitor at the usual Full HD resolution (1920x1080) that many people still use.

Fingerpointing against each other is not a proper way to deal with this issue.
Also Steinberg would have more of an advantage, if every customer could be happy again.

I personally think that only a few little adjustments would be required to make me and some other customers happy again.
Up to now I am missing this willingness of Steinberg to investigate for the root cause.
It’s frustrating if you invest into a product since Cubase 1 (money and skill) and if then a company changes something in that way
and at the end is not even willed to help to find the root cause. Service desert Germany…

Muhahaha…thanks for that one mate, made my day.

And yeah, the new GUI is a botch job, precisely because of the contrast and other flawed design decisions. Perfectly pointless and nothing but a strain.

@WastingYourTime: You are right, the font weight and/or spacing seems to be less than ideal in some dialog windows. Bold characters are kind of blurring if you are looking at them for some moments (i.e.: reading them!). Maybe some kind of basic customizable theming would be quite handsome, if it doesn’t put too much programming load on SBs side.

Maybe since my screens are somewhere in between low and high resolution (they have 2560x1440px) I was too fast judging about other peoples problems. If so, sorry, and let’s see what will be improved. I think SB is listening, quietly though, as always :slight_smile:

May be this problem is somehow connected with the combination of certain display resolutions, grafic cards AND OS.
The people who are complaining about blurry fonts, disturbing light/dark contrasts (including me) are mainly on Win.
At the same time it is no accident that all promotional Cubendo videos are Screen Captures of Mac!!!
But as Fredo pointed out in a different post, in the next Nuendo Update we will see further options for display customization. So let’s hope, Steinberg privides a solution for both - blurry fonts and hight contrast elements, which are hard to look at.

Ok, then here some HW details:

OS: Windows 7 SP1
GPU: MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G
Monitor: EIZO EV2333W, 23", 1920x1080 (calibrated)

Works all perfect with Cubase 9.5.41 (and Nuendo 8.3, but have no access to it anymore).

Hi Folks
I had the same problem as everyone else on this forum regarding glaringly bright contrast problems. This might sound kind of obvious but what I did to semi fix the problem was to go to edit and select Preferences and click on colour schemes under user Interface then click Defaults ( bottom left) then if you navigate to choose Colour Scheme click on the darkest square and things should look a lot better.
Hope this helps

Resuming this thread.

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Come on people! I really like the new GUI, but it doesn’t mean everybody should think the way I think. The problem is Steinberg is not giving users much options as it used to do in the past. Just that.

Nuendo support should have come with such a proposal.

The guy who supported me was shortly before vacation but said we can shift the 14d money back further while he is further investigating after his vacation. I wanted to have this in written form that I can give product back even later than 14d after online ordering.
Steinberg came back later by e-mail telling me that they can’t confirm this to me in written form :frowning:

This was the key reason, why we could not work on this more in detail and that I had to give the product back, not to loose the money and sit on a product with which I feel uncomfortably to work with.

Was kind of wasted time and money for the phone call and I am dissatisfied with Steinberg not to really work on issues if you need their support (maybe second time in the last 15+ years …). And this is then premium support for a premium product …

My cent ot this )… It’s just fine for me with the default colors of Nuenfo 10. The tools icons is more intelligible now. But surely there must be choice and maybe skins cause tastes differ.

This looks fantastic +1!

I do not talk about contrasts of the GUI in general.

I talk about eye irritating white dark contrasts in

  • icons to control the mouse function
  • hub file selection
  • and if I remember right also transports

Below screenshots of the relevant sections, how it was much better in Cubase 9 and older versions.

Take also into consideration, that having a 23" Full HD Screen could also result into a difference,
because Cubase icons will most likely appea bigger compared to screens with maybe much higher 4k resolution.

Here you see the icons like they were in Cubase9 / Nuendo 8 and older versions.
There is no nerving white on dark to show the function of the icon, my eye can directly identify the function
and is not irritated by blending white areas on dark. Simply black lines to show you the icons function.

Also the black from of Steinberg HUB for project selection, etc is much better to read.
In Cubase10/Nuendo 10 the fonts are bigger and white on dark is again not eye friendly.
I have problems to focus my eye on that.

I do not remember the transport field in Nuendo/Cubase 10 exactly, but I think there was a similar problem.
In older versions it was much better and the functions were clearer to see / identify for eyes.