Dither before using external effect?

Hi all,
I just bought wavelab and am currently learning the ins and outs. I master using a hybrid setup and I am wondering what you all would recommend for going out to the hardware and then back in. I have been using the external effect plugin and was wondering: does wavelab dither the float to 24bit before going to the external effect or does it just truncate and I should apply a dither plugin (like the included linPro dither) before the external effect plugin?

WL doesn’t dither the output on its own. So, if you want to make sure that your (probably) 24-bit DA operates as well as it can, you may want to put something like 24-bit tpdif before going out. The difference is subtle at best, but you may prefer it.


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Thanks! Am I correct to assume then that I should also be using a dither plugin on the master for monitoring?

“Should” is a strong word :slight_smile: But yes, putting a 24- (or 16-) bit dither before the output will be truer to the eventual 24- or 16-bit file, even though, again, the difference is very small (at least to me). I seem to remember that Bob Katz had some opinions on this, either on his FB page or in the old version of his forum. The question is: can you hear the difference between a trunced and a dithered 24-file?

BUT: if you’re aiming for a 24- or 16-bit result, you probably have dither at the end of the processing chain anyway, so you won’t need it at the final monitor output, that’ll only add unneccessary noise.

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Great, I’ll just pop a dither plugin in the final effects/dither section of the master section and call it good then (for rendering and monitoring). Do people like the Lindither included with wavelab or is there another people like better? The lindither seems to have tpdf (I’m guessing that’s what the triangular is), but it seems slow during rendering so I’m not sure…

Really liking wavelab so far too!